Saturday, 22 May 2010

Yesterday I spent the day wondering around town with my mum to get some London clothes (which I love!), I was going to put pictures from the internet on here of them but I don't like the pictures so I'm not going to :) I got a high waisted skirt from topshop and a white crop top from miss selfridge. I still need to get some shoes for that outfit but yeah, I'm happy.

The sun is here! Yay! I actually think there's a chance we may have an actual summer in England this year! I don't know whether I dare say that or not to be honest...
Today I'm going to do something I would never ever do and I'm going to spend the day on my back garden laying on a deckchair in the sun :) Will I get a tan? I don't think so.'s worth a try!

I hope you all have really good summers, bye!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Yay! I won a competition! I entered a competition to win a really nice top by commenting on a really good blog's post and I won! So excited! I've never won a competition on the internet before :D

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Hey, thought I'd do a quick post before I start going crazy getting my bits and bobs together to go out. I'm going into Derby today to see my friends. It sounds so weird to say that because I always count Derby as my home because I'm there so much of the time, but I guess it isn't my home. It's just a place I visit frequently. O'well! Home is where your heart is eh? In that case...I don't have a clue where mine is! I have quite a few houses; my mum's house, my dad's house, my house (Nan& Granddad's) and I guess I'd class my friend, Lauren's house as one of my many houses too :L At least I know I defenaitly have options of a place to go if I ever find my self left out in the cold :)

To get to Derby I'm going to take a twenty minute walk to town, an hour long bus journey to Derby then about a 15-20 minute bus to my friend's house from town. I really like bus journeys, but only if I'm at the back of the bus. The reason for this is really weird I guess but I like to sit at the back of the bus so I can see the different people who get on and off the bus :L It makes me laugh because sometimes you'll see people who get on the bus, pay £1, and get off at the top of the street. Makes me LOL. Might as well walk and keep yourself fit!

Yanoe, I don't actually know if anybody ever reads my blog so...if you've read any of this post at all, leave a comment to let me know? Please? :)
Love you all, Amy :D x

The picture at the top of the post is of me and my friends, love them all. :D

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Lazy days. I love them, and I have a feeling that today is going to be one of them.
Sat in my very childlike pink stripy pyjamas on my mums settee watching friends...bliss :)

Friday, 30 April 2010

We have a long weekend! :D

I haven't been to school today because I thought that I'd be really lazy and just have the day off. At sometime this weekend I need to get my ass to Lauren's house and pick up my stuff I left there, I really need that stuff! D:

I'm at my mum's this weekend. I like the weeks I'm at my mum's house, I seem to have fun doing naff all. I love my mum. We've not always seen eye to eye and we've had our rough patches but we're really good now and I love it!

Oh god. Recently I've been on such a gay little downer. I've just felt really lonely and yeah, I'm being stupid really. That's basically it. I need to get out more "/

Amy, xx